teropong 180x 100 HD paling jauh jarak night vision




teropong 180x 100 HD paling jauh jarak





  • Extremely durable and also comfortable to hold
  • Small in size, but offer a wide range
  • Easy to take away with the bag included in the pack
  • Lightweight, waterproof and adjustable, ergonomic design with professional engineering materials adopted, easy to hold and wear
  • For a comfortable and adjustable observation
  • Top grade optical purple film adopted for guaranteeing excellent eye protection and light addition
  • Model: Bushnell 10-180 x 100
  • Gleam night vision: At night there's only a little light
    • where you can use this binocular telescope to see the object clearly
  • Zoom: 10x - 180x
  • Objective Diameter: 100x
  • Variable power & high powered telescope
  • PC-3 phase coating:
    • applied to the prisms to enhcance resolution & contrast for the brightest & clearest images possible
  • Ultra wide band coating
    • the anti-reflection coating process
    • Optimum brightness & true color across the light spectrum
  • It equips with transfer interface