teleskop teropong astronomi angkasa sains 360x50mm HD



teleskop teropong astronomi angkasa sains 360x50mm HD



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is a small refracting telescope, with a larger aperture (50mm) and the advantages of low prices, do not take place, suitable for beginners, astronomers use configurations 2 different magnification eyepiece and 1.5X doubles as sunglasses. can set you free match, observe objects at different distances and sizes.


Eyepiece: H20mm,H6mm two eyepieces
1.5x mirror
90 degree Zenith mirror
Height 38 cm aluminium tripod

Key Parameters:
A:Refraction type/focus: 360mm, aperture: 50mm
B: Set 60 times, 18 times, add 1.5x as mirror group 90 times, 27 times
C:seen 0.970 cm apart two objects.


Package detail:
1 x 360/50mm
1 x H20mm Eyepiece
1 x 1.5X Range Extender
1 x User Manual
1 x Cleaning Cloth
1 x Metal Tripod
Terms of use:
1, leg opening, turn the telescope tube mounted on the yoke, with a large locking screw adjustment.
2, the zenith mirror into focusing on the drum, using the appropriate screws well.
3, put the eyepiece in the zenith mirror, with the corresponding screws well.
4, if you want to use as the mirror amplified, they can put it in between the eyepiece and lens barrel (do not need to install a 90 degree Zenith mirror) so that you can watch heavenly bodies.