set dvd lengkap latihan senaman Zumba badan slimming



set dvd lengkap latihan senaman Zumba badan slimming





The Toning Method is a different functional core training program emphasizing the fusion of the unique, fun and interesting phenomenon of Zumba’s Latin dance rhythms with the addition of light weight toning sticks. The combination of these two unique styles then create a new an effective training program that can focus on muscles often missed or ignored in the old traditional strength programs. Zumba Toning is taken to the next level or you can think of it as Zumba on steroids. It is an innovative muscle training program which incorporates dance fitness and light weights. Toning is a challenging workout that helps to build and tone muscles. Let Zumba Junkie Instructors show you how to spice up your to sculpt and tone your body.
With these Toning Sticks, dance and fitness is raised to a new and higher level. Certain muscle groups, by doing squats, lunges, thrusts above the head and lateral stretching exercises, can be extra toned. Dancing with the Toning Sticks makes it more fun and adds an extra dimension to.

  • 7 Training program DVD
  • 1 Exhilarate GUIDE
  • Gift box
  • 2 x TONING Dumbbells

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