set baiki basikal kecemasan termasuk pam




set baiki basikal kecemasan termasuk pam


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Type:Repair Tool
Brand Name:INBIKE
Bag Size:22.7cm * 8.3 cm* 8.3 cm
Pump longest:40 cm
Pump shortest :19.5 cm
Pump Material:ABS
Set NET Weight: 530G

Product Configuration

1 multi-purpose bicycle repair tools: Allen wrench inside 2mm/2.5mm/3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm each team; 8mm/9mm/10mm wrenches each one; “word” / “Cross” each a screwdriver ; 8mm/10mm/15mm each one hex wrench
2 mini pump a (French support American mouth mouth)
3 Allen wrench a 6-15mm bones
4.POM POM (commonly known as the Race of steel) crowbar 2
5. Environmental tasteless glue a
6 tire glue ( round 8).
7 tablets a tire rasp