s51 power bank tenaga solar 12000mAh original outdoor




s51 power bank tenaga solar 12000mAh original outdoor


Built-in 12000mAh high capacity rechargeable Li-Ion battery. 12000mAh capability, powerful with long operation time. High efficiency of power conversion. With LED power indicator. Press to charge and press it again stop charging. Practical and long cycle life. Charge your mobile phone, iPod, MP3 player, GPS and more, using just sunlight and built in 12000mAh Li-ion polymer battery. The Solar Charge is a compact and lightweight solar charger designed for people on the move. Solar Charge is designed as a backup power supply to power virtually any portable devices like Cell Phones, Smart Phones, Cameras, MP4/MP3 Players GPS and more. Using advanced solar cell and Li-ion battery technologies the Solar Charge will charge itself in all daylight conditions and will store power for times when you need as a backup power source. Simply connect using one of the adaptor tips provided or by using the sync cable originally supplied with your device for instant power! Important Tip: First before using this product, Ensure that this product is fully charged by wall charger.

Main Features:
● Practical universal 12000mAh high capacity solar charger
● With emergency LED flashlight make it more convenient to use
Power indicator light design, convenient to know the rest power
● Suitable for any occasions can be exposed to sunlight
● Design of hidden interface, wear prevention and prolong its service life
Dual USB output design, you can charging two devices at the same time