s12 piano fleksibel elektronik keyboard boleh lipat 61 key alat muzik lagu



s11 penimbang berat badan digital tepat 150kg scale body




  • Keyboard model:
  • 61key(standard plano key 5 Octave +1 key)
  • Tone:128
  • Rhythm:100
  • Demonstration songs:40
  • Rated voltage:DC 6V(Battery AA 1.5V X 4PCS) (Battery not included)
  • Output:500MW
  • Size of 61key:mainbody:9.6(l) x 22.8(w) x 3.3(D)CM
  • Keyboard:88(L)x17.4(w) x 0.5(d)cm


  • The “soft keyboard piano” is smaill and can be hand-carried,it can also be rolled up for easy storage in you hand bag or carrying cas
  • You can select the “soft keyboard piano” 61 key (5 Octave +1key) for more advanced students
  • The “soft keyboard piano” has many functions which you can select on the control box:
  • 128 tone functions(see tone list attachment)
  • 100 rhythm options (see rhythm list attachment)
  • 40 Demo songs(see demo song list attachment)
  • Music recording: MAX X 336 Notes
  • The “soft keyboard piano” uses 4 pieces of aa 1.5V batteries which can last for up to 12-15 hours of playing time,you can also plug the piano into a proper electrical outlet with an adaptor

Functions Function key Description:

  • Play : play the recorded music
  • REC : record Key
  • DEMO : demonstration key
  • TONE+ : Tone selection key
  • TONE- : Tong selection key
  • RHY+ : Beat selection key
  • RHY- : Beat selection key
  • START/STOP :Start/stop Demo song or Rhythm KEY
  • ON/OFF : Power key
  • VOL+/VOL-: volume control botton
  • DC 6V : dc jack connect de (6v)
  • HEAD PHONE: head phone jack
  • OUT EXT SP : speaker jack