rumah tidur rehat kucing peliharaan rumah comel




rumah tidur rehat kucing peliharaan rumah comel



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Your pet is a joy to be with. It greets you at the door the moment you get in with nary a hurt look even after being cooped up inside for ten straight hours with just a lifeless chew toy for company. Give back and be a joy as well by giving your little one a place of his own with today’s Met

While you work in the day, pets are left alone at home waiting for you to get back. While they do, dn’t let them just sleep on the cold floor. Give them a cool pad to chill out at with a Pet Hut. The soft fleece inner cushion will keep your pet warm and cozy while day wait for you. The design is not just cute and fluffy, but also foldable and easy to carry so you can take it with you and your pet when you travel. Its perfect for cats and small breed dogs. With its size, two small pets can go in and keep each other warm and comfortable. You don’t have to worry about stains and keeping it clean as it’s machine-washable so there’s no hassle.

Just as you would drape yourself in velvet if it were socially acceptable, so should you ensconce your pet in the luxury it deserves: a Pet Hut with warm and soft fleece cushion that’s fluffy and homey so your pets can get the rest they need to be ready to greet you with a wild “welcome home!” once you get home.
*Let your cute little critters stay in a t that’s as fluffy as them

*Ideal for small pets such as cats or small breed dogs

*Easy-to-carry design makes it easy to bring while traveling

*Soft fleece cushion keeps pet cozy all the time

*The perfect gift for your pets or for other pet lovers

*Foldable design for easy storage