rak kasut tinggi 10 tingkat 30 pasang kasut rumah keluarga besar



rak kasut tinggi 10 tingkat 30 pasang kasut rumah keluarga besar



Perfect for ladies (and guys too!), the ASk Stainless Steel allows you to store all your shoe collection with its compact and yet durable design feature. Organize your shoes according to colour, type or share it with your loved ones. Say goodbye to all the hassle and mess while saving time and space with the Amazing Shoe Rack.

Multi-tier & Sturdy

Built with studry stainless steel tubes, the SRack provides you a lightweight feature with a strong physical frame. It also comes with 100% PP plastic sides for an added aesthetic minimalist outlook. The 10-tier stainless steel tubes could support up to 30 pairs of shoes, more than enough for you to store your entire collection of footwear.


Lightweight & Slim

Weighing just merely 1.5kg, thek could easily be relocated according to your preference. Move it into your room, outside the car porch and practically anywhere you want. The slim and lightweight feature also allows you to store it in tight spaces without obstructing your walkway.


    • Space-spacing, Modern 10 level S


    • Multi-tiered vertical shoe organiser


    • Slim & Lightweight design allows storage in tight spaces


    • Material: Strong Metal Pipes & PP Plastic sides


    • 10 tier strong metal pipes support up to 30 pairs of shoes!


    • Color: White Plastic sides


    • Portable & easy to assemble, dissemble & store


    • Can be assemble in 4 layers, 7 layers, 10 layers


    • Organize & display your shoes