piano elektronik nipis boleh lipat 61 key fleksibel




piano elektronik nipis boleh lipat 61 key fleksibel


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Piano using German technology IC Chip and the body use of imported high-temperature materials, non-toxic tasteless green shell, better quality and better tone ever..
Portable hand-rolled piano desktop can be practicing piano Everywhere and suitable for all ages.. It best gift to your children.

piano can easily packed in the bag, it does not take alot of your space. you can carry together to your party, family reunions, Friends Gathering, field trips, anywhere to expose your talent and bring family and friends more fun.


  • Item 2: 61key (standard plano key 5 Octave +1 key)
  • Tone: 128
  • Rhythm: 100
  • Demonstration songs: 40
  • Rated voltage: DC 6V (Battery AA 1.5V X 4PCS) (Not included)
  • Output: 500MW
  • Size of 61key: Mainbody: 9.6(l) x 22.8(w) x 3.3(D)CM
  • Keyboard:
    • 49 Key: 88(L)x18(W) x 0.5(d)cm,
    • 51 key: 82.5(L)x18(W) x 0.5(d)cm

Product features:

  • The “soft keyboard piano” is smaill and can be hand-carried,it can also be rolled up for easy storage in you hand bag or carrying cas
  • You can select the “soft keyboard piano” 61 key (5 Octave +1key) for more advanced students
  • The “soft keyboard piano” has many functions which you can select on the control box:
  • 128 tone functions(see tone list attachment)
  • 100 rhythm options (see rhythm list attachment)
  • 40 Demo songs(see demo song list attachment)
  • Music recording: MAX X 336 Notes
  • The “soft keyboard piano” uses 4 pieces of AA 1.5V batteries which can last for up to 12-15 hours of playing time,you can also plug the piano into a proper electrical outlet with an adaptor

Function key Description:

  • Play : play the recorded music
  • REC : record Key
  • DEMO : demonstration key
  • TONE+ : Tone selection key
  • TONE- : Tong selection key
  • RHY+ : Beat selection key
  • RHY- : Beat selection key
  • START/STOP :Start/stop Demo song or Rhythm KEY
  • ON/OFF : Power key
  • VOL+/VOL-: volume control botton
  • DC 6V : Dc jack connect de (6v)
  • HEAD PHONE: head phone jack
  • OUT EXT SP : speaker jack