peti ais saiz mini rumah bujang simpan makanan minuman sejuk




peti ais saiz mini rumah bujang simpan makanan minuman sejuk



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Product Description:
Ther models not only can be refrigerated, but also heating insulation. Can be placed on the car, can also be placed in the home, it has two power connections for the 12V DC car or home use ordinary 220V power. Variety of fashion colors to choose from, especially suitable for small families, couples, work outside the home or a single person, fashionable men and women, students at the school, Ms. Amy (for the quality and freshness of the beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.).

Product specifications and features:
Outer dimensions: 19cm (W) x 27cm (H)
Inner dimensions: 14cm (W) x 20cm (H)
Weight: 2.5kg
Capacity: 4L
Length for both AC and DC cable: 1.3m
Fits 6 beverage cans at a time
Power: AC 220V (home power outlet) or DC 12V (car cigarette lighter)
Power consumption: 27W – 40W
Cools and warms via thermoelectricity
Cooling range: 18 degree celcius – 21 degree celcius below room temperature (minimum 5 degree celcius)
Warming range: 60 degree celcius – 65 degree celcius by thermostat
Green / red LED lights for convenient mode indication