penimbang berat badan digital kira lemak BMI slimming



penimbang berat badan digital kira lemak BMI slimming


1425-1-7 body3 digital-body-fat-analyzer-scale-gdeal-1611-19-f40523_1 penimbang-berat-badan-digital-kira-lemak-bmi-slimming


180KG/0.1KG Digital Bdration Scale Black

If you are annoyed by the fatter and fatter figure and want to lose weight quickly? Here is a great assistant can help you to observe your weight accurately. It features advanced digital weighing technology that provides a high tech analysis of the user. Designed with a durable body weighing platform, this fat BIA fat monitor scale is firm and easy to clean. What’s more, this scale will automatically switched off when it is in non-use condition in order to save power. It is designed with compact size so that you can use it without worry. Overall, this fat monitor scale is a practical assistant to help you lose weight!

1. 100% guaranteed for craftsmanship and quality
2. Wide LCD screen display
3. Automatically lock the reading when data is stable
4. Auto-off function,automatic zero resetting, overload indicator
5. The scale will automatically switched off when it is in non-use condition in order to save power
6. Safety tempered glass platform
7. With body weight body fat,body water,body bone,body muscle, 10-user memories

1. Condition:New
2. Max weight: 180KG/0.1KG
3. Min weight:0
4. Units: kg,lb,st
5. Accuracy resolution:0.1kg,0.2lb,0.1st
6. Power supply: 1 x CR2032 battery(included)
7. Display: LCD
8. Color: Black
9. Material: tempered glass
10. LCD Screen Size: 2.80 x 1.06 inch/ 7.1 x 2.7 cm(L x W )
11. Dimensions: 11.81 x 11.81 x 0.79 inch/ 30 x 30 x 2cm(L x W x H)
12. Weight: 62.75 oz /1779 g
13. Range of age: 10-80 years
14. Range of Height:100-240cm
15. Fat Range Rate: 5-50%. Division: 0.1%
16. Water Range Rate: 32%-74%(man) / 35%-79%(woman), Division: 0.1%
17. Muscle Range Rate: 10-80%. Division: 0.1%
18. Calorie: 0-9999 cal, Division: 1 cal
19. Body Bone Range: 0.5-30 kg, Division: 0.1 kg
20. Memory: 10 people


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