penimbang bahan dapur berat buah sayur jenis digital bacaan tepat



penimbang bahan dapur berat buah sayur jenis digital bacaan tepat



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  •     Built in 4 high precision sensors
  •     Support tare function
  •     Weighing range: 5000g
  •     Division value: 1g
  •     Bright LCD Screen
  •     Easy conversion
  •     2 AAA batteries
  •     4 measurements: lb,ml,oz,g
  •     Tare

Product details
Cooking can be a serious job to somebody, to cook correctly and nicely, you need a scale. A scales that help help you to scale your ingredient properly. This Scale machine not only design to help you and scaling, but its shape your kitchen nicely with an aluminium steel surface. its elegance suite your modern kitchen nicely.
Tare FunctionDigital Scale is very easy to use for housemate. in order to scale your food nicely without being affect but the scale cup weight, you can first put your cup on top of the scale, and press “Tare” button, now you have eliminated the scale cup weight. Now you can scale truly an ingredient weight.


Variety Of Food measue variety of food using different measurement Scale indicator
up to 5kg weight
this scale can weight product that roughly up to 5kg to make it accurate.