penimbang badan digital jenis kaca bacaan tepat



penimbang badan digital jenis kaca bacaan tepat



digital-lcd-tempered-glass-weighing-personal-scale-weight-management-snapid-1606-24-snapid2-1 digital-lcd-tempered-glass-weighing-personal-scale-weight-management-snapid-1606-24-snapid2 digital-lcd-tempered-glass-weighing-personal-scale-weight-management-snapid-1606-24-snapid3 digital-lcd-tempered-glass-weighing-personal-scale-weight-management-snapid-1606-24-snapid4 penimbang-badan-digital-jenis-kaca-bacaan-tepat


  • LCD Digital Screen.
  • Size of LCD digits : 25mm
  • Edge tap switch on.
  • Equipped with high precision strain gauge sensor.
  • Auto zero resetting/Auto off.
  • Low power indicator/Over load indicator.
  • Capacity : 80Kg (396LBS)
  • Three design to choose.

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