pen tulis termasuk cahaya laser LED merah tepat




pen tulis termasuk cahaya laser LED merah tepat



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White light illumination, the red indicator
– It is the most convenient with finger but blocking the sight easily
– Ballpoint pens can do meeting minutes
– Try it on the capacitive screen phone, using your fingers is the most convenient, but the fingers blocks sight easily, it is necessary to come with a good handy pen. 
– Suitable for lots of capacitive screen phones, such as iPhone, Samsung, HTC, MOTO and other mobile phone.
– Suitable for: iPad / iPad2, iPhone 3 / 3GS, iPhone 4, Samsung P1000, MOTO, XOOM, – Tablet PC, MZ606, HTC phone, capacitive screen, etc.
– Imported softness induction silicone: more protection for your capacitive screen when writing
– White flashlight & red laser capacitive pen
– Pen body has two infrared buttons, one white and one red