mp3 player mini saiz kecil ringan lagu muzik




mp3 player mini saiz kecil ringan lagu muzik




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Easy to clip-on to anything.

No Built-in Memory

15g lightweight design

Built-in Li-ion battery, directly connect with PC for re-charging

Connect the player with computer by using the USB cable to download music.  No software will be needed

Player is not compatible with Apple software



Battery lify: bulit-in rechargeable battery 110mA

Only need charger 2-3 hours (if charger more than 4 hours, it will damged the Li-battery), Up to 4 hours playback time.

Dimension: 41mm x 29mm x 13mm

Weight: About 15g

Support up to 32GB Micro SD/TF card (Memories are not included)

Supports: USB 2.0

3.5mm Audio jack port.

Supported Audio Format: MP3 (only this format)

Product Material:Metal