mesin jahit mini baju seluar rumah




mesin jahit mini baju seluar rumah



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  • t’s so light that you can pick it up with one hand & carry it anywhere you want
  • No longer do you have to confined to do all your sewing in one room
  • Watch TV while you sew, or simply chat to your friends while you fix your favourite clothes
  • Comes pre-threaded & ready to use
  • Double Lines
  • With 2 speed control
  • Auxiliary winding device (this machine has automatic winding function)
  • Mini & Easy carry sewing machine
  • Can use manual button or foot pedal controlling switch
    • with pedal for easy foot control
  • Power supply: Power Adapter: 6V or 4 pcs 1.5V batteries (the power adapter & the batteries cannot be used simultaneously) .