meja lipat laptop fleksibel termasuk kipas duduk baring table



meja lipat laptop fleksibel termasuk kipas duduk baring table



The world’s first: amazing gesture, no matter how you use.
Each three-sided rotating folding legs 360° may have lower limb as a man, like legs, each leg has three branch sections, just like a human leg points foot, calves, thighs the same. So that the desk person has the same flexibility as sitting, standing, kneeling, squatting. According to different needs, different posture, according to local conditions, just right for you.
High-grade aluminum-magnesium alloy material panel, durable, better absorption, & Laptop cooling efficiency.

Comprehensive multi-angle feature fun when you can set any height and angle, especially lying on the bed watching movies, such a wonderful feeling that you should experience.



  • NEW Latest Model – With Build in Big Fan (Item 1) or 2 small fan (Item 2) for Better ventilation.
  • Unexpected light in weight and absolute save space; foldable into a substantially flat when not in use, easy to store and carry.
  • User friendly design, give your life to enjoy the full range of pleasant, comfortable to use to meet any of your posture.
  • 40 ~ 560mm height adjustable table inclination of 15 ° each speed adjustment and 360-degree rotation. 465 ~ 530mm width of the inside of your leg spacious event space, more books and enjoy the ease of life!
  • Unique curved baffle design, the length of the table with the same good way of preventing computer fall down.
  • The world’s first “one second lock” button technology, adjustable touch of a button. The world’s first “gear wheel” design along with precise moment.
  • Upgraded NEW Big Ventilation fan design, more conducive to laptop heat!
  • The overall use of magnesium alloy panel processing, the computer can be a good heat absorption and decomposition exhaust heat. Anaerobic plating, mirror drawing, quantum cutting, set in today’s most advanced manufacturing technology in one, to ensure product quality king temperament.