lampu led tayar basikal waktu malam keselamatan




lampu led tayar basikal waktu malam keselamatan


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Easy to install

Fit for any kinds of cars,motorcycles,bicycles.

Easy to install,just simply taking off the old valve and replace it on your car. It will be lighted and flashed when your car is moving ,and it will stop the lights automatically when you stop driving. Bring your car more color and enjoyment!!!


Just remove your existing tire valve cap and screw these on instead. Bikes and motorcycles have two wheels. Each wheel will take 5 seconds. That’s a total of 10 seconds invested in making yourself look like the coolest rider ever to cycle. Or replace your car valve caps with this LED lights. What an effect though!

When you’re moving, the lights will turn on automatically. Amazing in the daytime, but absolutely magical at night when the elegant sultry blue comes alive in the night. Perfect when you’re racing down the highways at 230 km/hr, neck and neck with another racer. It’s your BMW M5 against his Audi A6. Who will win? You’re the winner because you’re getting this amazing LED car accessory at such a great price.

Dimension: 6.2×1.8×1.8cm

Powered by: 3 x L1131 batteries

Waterproof : Yes


Shockproof : Yes