lampu kecemasan kereta paling cerah waktu malam gelap



lampu kecemasan kereta paling cerah waktu malam gelap



Issues of physical safety and legal liability depend on whether a driver has functioning emergency vehicle lights. While police cruisers and other authorized vehicles are outfitted with emergency lights, civilian drivers also benefit from having emergency vehicle lights to provide illumination in the event of an accident or breakdown. Police must be careful to maintain their emergency lights, as a malfunction can complicate a prosecution in traffic court.

This Eght LEDs is using car power (come with the power cord and adapter) so no worry about out of power for battery and rechareable type. Its 4 suction cups let you fix it on the front or back mirror easily. The 8 super bright LEDs can change mode to attract attention of other drivers on the road.

Specification & Features

Voltage: 12V

Power source: Car power (cable provided)

Light source: 8 super bright and long lasting LEDs

Suitable for all types of vehicle


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