lampu elektrik pembunuh serangga nyamuk lalat




lampu elektrik pembunuh serangga nyamuk lalat



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  • Attracts insect using a black light. Specially designed LED UV light tube—100% safe to human and pets.
  • Get rid of pesky flying insects such as moths, flies and mosquitoes without using harmful chemicals.
  • Provides you a peaceful sleeping night
  • Sturdy aluminium alloy casing which comes with a chain for hanging, this unit can be used freestanding or hanging.
  • Chemical free & environmentally friendly this is ideal for indoor use at any indoor location such as houses, apartments, hotels, restaurants, shops, warehouses, factories and more.
  • Protective cage to prevent accidental contact with grip by people or pets
  • Twin LED lamps lure light sensitive flying insects into a high voltage kill grid
  • Comes with replaceable tubes and external protective grid
  • Easy to install, clean and maintain
  • Free Standing Or Ceiling Mounted Design (Chain For Easy Hanging)
  • Comes with EU to UK plug adapter
  • Low power consumption

Size of 12 W : 39x27x7.5CM

Size of 16W : 49x27x7.5CM

Size of 20W : 66x27x7.5CM

Power : 2 x 6w = 12-watt

2 x 8w = 16-watt

2 x 10w = 20-watt

Effective area of 12 W : 40m²

Effective area of 16W : 50m²

Effective area of 20W : 60m²

Input 220~240v 50Hz

Most Effective Fixing Height: 1.5m-2m