kusyen kerusi duduk kanak dalam kereta keselamatan budak


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kusyen kerusi duduk kanak dalam kereta keselamatan budak



  • Dimension: 50 x 32 x 22cm
  • Use compound of high-density, slow-bounce sponge and fabric.
  • Air permeable with friendly environmental and sterile material.
  • Thick head protection device to prevent side-impact, rear impact – ergonomic designs.
  • Sterile fabrics in pastel green, tender baby skin care.
  • Multi-button strap, belt adjustment, a more comfortable fit.
  • Multi-buckle and harness which is safe and comfortable for babies & kids.
  • Suitable for kids of 9 month to 4 years old.
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation = 9-18 KG
  • Color: Pink and Blue

Specially designed for using car seat belt use car seat belt over this baby car seat as well.


  1. Take two belts of back of cushion down through the between headrest and backrest of seat.
  2. Take two bottom belts of the back of cushion up through the between backrest and pad of car seat.
  3. Lock the buckle of the belt , and tight it.


  1. Put your baby on cushion, hike protection abdomen pad, lock the shoulder buckle and abdomen buckle.
  2. Pull out the three point safety belt of car seat, take the buckle through protection abdomen pad isolated layer, then insert it into the car seat safety belts.