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Product Features:

  • This foldable self standing mosquito net is designed using good quality material and make with industry standards
  • It’s well ventilated and make you feel comfortable when you sleep
  • Provided with large zip gates for easy and convenient entry and exit
  • Zip gate can be opened from both inside and outside
  • Frame made of highly retractable steel wires
  • Perfect for everyone include traveller, camper, adults or baby who requires insect protection
  • Ideal to use for indoor and outdoor

Available Measurement & Colors:

  • 100cm(W)*200cm(L) – White Color
  • 120cm(W)*200cm(L) – Pink & White Color
  • 150cm(W)*200cm(L) – Pink, Purple, White, Yellow Color
  • 180cm(W)*200cm(L) – Pink, Purple, White, Yellow Color
  • 220cm(W)*180cm(L) -Purple, Pink & White Color

Benefits of Using Mosquito Net:

  • Protect your family from Andes Dengue
  • No more mosquito bites or insects bites on your skin
  • Reduce electricity usage
  • Cease further use of toxic bug sprays and insecticides