cermin mata cahaya silau matahari polarized UV Sunglasses



cermin mata cahaya silau matahari polarized UV Sunglasses



R polarized sunglasses are able to wear over our prescription glasses. The sunglasses are carefully FT OR most of the prescription eyewear and give excellence coverage. FR polarized sunglasses are popularly used by many people during driving, cycling, skiing, fishing and in many other outdoor activities. It can provide high definition visibility clearer view along with elimination of glare. It can also block away 100% of harmful ultraviolet rays. While driving into the sunset may have problems with light and glare can endanger any driver. Uncontrolled glare may mask oncoming traffic and limit the ability to see signs and brake lights. Glare control is one of the most critical issues that must be dealt with for safe driving. Not controlling glare can lead to failure of an otherwise good driving candidate or make the driver less safe on the road.

Our High Quality Polarized Fit over Unisex Sunglasses Feature:

  • Polarised fit over sunglasses with unisex frame and comfortable fitting.
  • Fitted polarised lens with UV protection below 400nm.
  • Blocks UVA, UVB & UVC rays and reduces glare for clearer visibility while driving.
  • Suitable for post-cataract surgery patients.
  • Lenses are TAC polarized technology and frame is made by high quality polycarbonate.
  • size dimensions:
    – Width frame: 14.5cm
    – Temple length: 15.5cm
    – Lens size: 6.5cm (W) x 4.5cm (H)
  • Weight: 35g
  • Colour: matte black / shine black
  • Lens color :  Grey Black (recomended for clear vision at daylight driving for all wheather)
  •                       Yellow (recomended for clear vision at nightlight driving for all wheather)
  • Unisex frame
  • Comfortable fitting
  • Recommended for daylight drivers
  • Free polarized  sunglass protection pouch, cleaning cloth & sunglasess box