bengkung wanita kempis perut slimming berkualiti




bengkung wanita kempis perut slimming berkualiti




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Colour : Black, Purple, Cream

Size: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

 Flexible Boning means it won’t roll up or down

 3settings hooks and eyes so you can wear it tighter as you require 

 Invisible slim belt, Special for wedding dress, Baju kurung, Baju Kebaya, evening dress…


▶Sgt2 senang pakai je, blh pakai di office, kahwin, event, after baby birth,dating…..blh pakai sepanjang hari, sbb ni senang dan cepat cara yang tutup perut buncit

▶100% tutup perut buncit (3 lapis cangkuk adjust)

▶100% tak bergulung sbb mengandungi 7 bertulang

▶3settings hooks and eyes so you can wear it tighter as you require

Flattens your tummy

Reshapes your belly and waist

Support back for better posture

Easy to wear

Breathable and comfortable material – wear all day long!


Get the slim look you want quickly and easily

Suitable for office lady, after baby birth, wedding, dating, event, shopping

Daily recommended use 8-10 hours

Material: Spandex and Nylon



Size S : Waist: 22-24.8inches, Weight: below 47.5kg

Size M : Waist: 25-27inches,  Weight: 48-52.5kg

Size L : Waist: 28-30inches,  Weight: 53-57.5kg

Size XL : Waist: 31-33inches,  Weight: 58-62.5kg

Size 2XL : Waist: 34-36inches,  Weight: 63-67.5kg

Size 3XL : Waist: 37-39inches, Weight: 68-74kg