bantal papan ais suhu sejuk pelbagai guna Air Conditioning



bantal papan ais suhu sejuk pelbagai guna Air Conditioning




The product is a summer cooling  which adopts the advanced phase-change constant temperature material as the infilling to lower temperature through physical cooling. It can act as a cooling pillow mat and a cooling seat cushion, and also can be used to lower the temperature for pets and laptop & Notebook computer. With folding, waterproof and reuseable design, it is really a wonderful gadget for summer.

Features :
– Naturally lower your skin surface temperature so that good for sleeping.
– Resolve the humid problem of summer pillows and mattresses Prevent from sunstroke and other summer diseases
– For those who are sensitive to air-conditioner or fan You will enjoy a cool and comfortable summer with a cool mat.
– It is necessary for everyone in hot weather!
– Can be use in many ways,you can use for a ice pillow, ice sit pad, for pet,for car and more.
– The Cooling pad provides a simple, easy and accessable means to cool yourself off in the middle of the night.
– A real comfort when a hot flash/night sweats disrupt your natural sleep.
– Crafted with 100% cotton fabric upper and a waterproof PUV bottom layer.

How To Use :
1) Insert the cup head to the
2) Pour water for around 700ml
3) Close it with the stopper
4) Put the Id in a flat surface