alat solar ultrasonik taman penghalau tikus kucing anjing



alat solar ultrasonik taman penghalau tikus kucing anjing


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1.Easy installation, just insert the bar into the earth
2.It is weather-proof allowing it to work all year-round and in virtually all weather conditions
3.Use solar power to recharge the batteries so it is always working
4.The animal repeller is use ultrasonic wave.
5.The Passive Infrared sensor (PIR) detects motion and triggers the ultrasonic speaker emitting a tone that people cannot hear but chases away common outdoor pests like dogs, cats, deer, raccoons, mice, skunks, squirrels and move
6.It is a safe and humane way to keep unwanted animals away

Name: Animal Repeller
Color: Green
Unit dimension: 15(W)x8.5(D)x37(H)cm
Power supply: 4 x ‘AA’ NiCD rechargeable batteries
Power consumption: Standby = 0.8mAh, working = 15mAh
Ultrasonic frequency: 18-40 Khz
Coverage area: 30 feet @ 1100 = 2425 square feet

Working Principle:
The product uses infrared pyroelectric sensor, the sensor is associated with reaction sensitivity and movement direction of the animals. It is not sensitive to radial movement but most sensitive to transverse movement.

Therefore, if the animal is stationary or close to the product Straightly without crossing movement, infrared sensors will be unable to work on animals because of Induction failure

1. Connect the repeller head, pole sections, connecting part and ground stake.
2. The unit is now ready for installation. The location should allow adequate sunlight to keep the batteries fully charged.
3. Turn power switch to ‘ON’ position
4.For best results, keep the repeller head roughly 9-10 inches above

1. Do not immerses repeller in water
2. Do not cover-up the PIR sensor
3. To clean the repeller, use a damp-soft cloth and mild soap with water. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning agents that may damage the repeller