alat senaman rumah twisting kesihatan lelaki wanita



alat senaman rumah twisting kesihatan lelaki wanita


  •  is a new device that allows for intense toning exercises as well as cardiovascular workout abdominal muscles.
  • Just 10 minutes everyday, you burn your fat while strengthening your upper abs, lower & even slashes that are more difficult to access providing a complete and easy exercise for the whole lap
  •  with a single rotational movement will work your muscles in all directions.
  • Has 3 levels of resistance, rotates 180o
  • Legs adjust to seven different lengths
  • High quality movable wheels

Product Features:

  • Burn fat & develop muscle at the same time
    • rm combine intense body-toning cardio exercises with a complete abs workout
    • With just a few minutes a day, you burn fat while you activate your heart and work your abs, both upper and lower, even the hard-to-reach ablique abs
  • Perfect and varied exercises
    • Classic abs exercises only work the muscles in one direction and are harmful for your neck and back
    • with Am, just one twist allows you to work your muscles in all directions
    • Perfect revolving movements will make you exercise in an easy and comfortable way in your own home
  • 3 Resistence Levels
    • Arm is a unique, tailor-made resistance system which means you can select up to 3 different resistance levels, depending on the exercise, making it perfect for your specific fitness level
  • Comfortable & Easy to use
    • The best work out equipment is that which is used everyday
    • Am is so comfortable and easy to use that you’ll be longing for the moment to use it.
    • also, it allows you to work your abs, thighs and burns without changing machines.