alat senaman latihan Sit Up Gym Dumbbell kesihatan slimming



alat senaman latihan Sit Up Gym Dumbbell kesihatan slimming


Item folds away for convenient storage

• Full Size: 127 x 87 x 57-30 cm

• Folding size: 117 x 16 x 31 cm

• Cushion Thickness: 5 cm

• Weight: 7.5 kg

• Dumbbell set: 3 kg



T is great for getting into shape.

It’s designed for efficient sit-ups, abdominal work and upper body workouts.

The bench is built of sturdy steel for years of use and long life and has a built-in dumbbell rack so your hand weights are always close at hand and easy to reach.

This sit up bench helps with toning and strengthening your arms and waist, improving efficiency of your cardio-vascular system and burning calories and reducing fat.

Work on improving the tone and strength of your abs with this easy to assemblch. The decline angle of the bench provides additional resistance during sit ups when compared to a flat surface. Features an adjustable leg support with dense foam leg support and folds away for easy storage




• Fitness Goal, Toning, Relieve Pain and Stiffness, Stretching, Cardiovascular Fitness

• Targeted Muscle Area, Chest, Back, Abs, Arms, Upper Body, Core Muscles

• Foam padded backrest for extra support and comfort

• Height adjustable leg rolls

• Sturdy powder coated frame construction

• Features two resistance bands and two 1.5kg dumbbells