alat senaman kesihatan badan cardio gym rumah a23



alat senaman kesihatan badan cardio gym rumah a23


The Eeike and cross trainer is a versatile and fantastic value machine which is an incredibly popular choice for those wanting one machine to suit the whole family or a number of needs.

This EIKE/CROSS TRAINER/ELLIPTICAL/TWISTER gives you a good cardio workout. High-Low Resistance settings for easy to harder workouts. Simply use the large control dial to adjust the resistance as you go, for a tailor made workout.


This compact machine allows you to choose how you want to exercise. The cross trainer is perfect for improving your cardiovascular fitness, whilst toning the muscles in your legs, core and arms. The exercise bike is great for working your heart and burning calories but makes things a little easier on your joints; because you’re seated the bike has less impact on your knees, hips and ankles.

This exertical) has Reversible movement also.Forward pedalling emphasizes your quadriceps muscles(front thighs). While backwards pedalling emphasizes your hamstrings(back thighs). Take advantage of this, and make your workout less fatiguing. This is ideal for long or short workouts and is easy to use.



  • Burn 5 times as many calories than walking!!
  • Enhanced engineering makes this one of the most compact and space saving crosstrainers on the market today!
  • With this Crosstrainer you’ll find it easy to tailor your workout and reach a new level of fitness.
  • Keep track of you progress with disply: Scan, Speed, Time, Distance, Calorie counter.
  • Multifunction Exercise bike and Cross Trainer, combines bike and cross trainer into one SPACE SAVING machine.
  • Dual action platform allow for usage both forwards and backwards in an elliptical motion for better muscle toning.
  • Provides a total body, low-impact, cardiovascular workout! (legs, hips, buttocks, arms & shoulders)
  • Fully adjustable seat and handlebar setting to suit all sizes.
  • MULTI LEVEL Adjustable tension control and Dual Air Resistance.
  • Tubular steel frame giving you a secure and stable workout.
  • Front mounted flywheel for stability and compactness.
  • Comfortable padded seat smooth quiet cycle action.
  • Watch TV while you exercise, talk on the phone.
Fitness Equipment: Cross Trainer/ Exercise Bike
Model NO. Elliptical_Cross_Trainer_Bike_8-2A
Max User Weight: 100 KGS
Set-up size: 100 X 52 X 140cm
Packaging Size: 98 X 22 X 66.50cm
Weight: N.W:25.5kgs/G.W:27kgs
Color: Black
System: Chain-driven Fan Resistance
Tension: “+”” –“ Level
Saddle: Large saddle for comfort
Pedal: Anti-slip
Computer Function: LCD display, Scan Speed, Time, Distance, Calories

(NO Heart Rate Sensor)

Advantages: Low maintenance.
Easy assembly.
Highly cost effective.