alat pulih sembuh sakit tulang belakang dewasa



alat pulih sembuh sakit tulang belakang dewasa

alat pulih sembuh sakit tulang belakang dewasa

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Description :

Brand new and high quality
Help you ease back and shoulder pain through 5 magnets aligned down the center spine and 6 across the lumbar region.
Support straps around the front shoulders to pull them gently back for correct posture. Make you stand taller and straighter.
Comfortable and light to wear underneath clothes, with no discomfort or visibility.
Hand washable and available to fit either Gents or Ladies.
Fits 90-110cm/35.4″-43.3″ (strap is adjustable)

Color : White

How to use
1. Pull shoulder straps over shoulders making sure that fabric pouches with magnets are closest to your body.
2. Stretch waist belt around torso and fasten.
3. Adjust position and snugness as needed. Shoulder straps should pull back slightly on shoulder area. If needed pull waist belt down slightly to increase shoulder pressure.
4. Wash by hand in gentle detergent. Air dry.


  • Material: 60% Polyester, 17% Rubber, 15% Nylon, 8% Cotton
  • Color: White
  • Size:

L (waistline: 72-108cm)

XL (waistline: 87.5-150cm)






–       Power magnetic posture support help to correct your posture

–       Fully Adjustable non restricting uni-sex design for men & women

–       12 Strategically placed magnets target the spine and lumbar region Prevent spinal deformity and myopia

–       Power magnetic posture support corrector can ease body fatigue

–       Specially designed brace to hold your shoulders back whilst pulling in your stomach

–       Help you stand taller and straighter to make you look better and feel younger and correct your posture


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