alat pemegang telefon handphone stering kereta




alat pemegang telefon handphone stering kereta


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-Steering Wheel Car Mount Holder.
-Universal, can be used on Mobile Phone,Gps,Mp4 & Etc.
-Easy installation
-High Quality Silicon Car Steering Wheel Mobile Phone Socket Holder 54-76mm Retractable Cellphone GPS Holder


-The clips is adjustable: the max opening is 76mm,perfect fits for 4.8 inches mobile phones.
-Elastic fixation design: with elastic fixation rubber band,the size of steer wheel wont effect the installation.
-Easy installation: No need extra tools,just a few seconds to finish it.
-Safety: the device is highly compact with the steer wheel,can be moved freely,no security risk.
-Protection: the device is embedded with soft silicone pad,which protect your phone from scratching or gash,ect.


-From drivers closer, hands-free super-convenient answer the phone, navigation sight.
-The maximum opening 76mm, fully supports the current popular smartphone, iPhone Samsung navigator etc.
-Elastic fixed design: the use of an elastic rubber band fixed, the steering wheel does not affect the size of the installation.
-Easy installation: no extra tools, just a few seconds to complete it.
-Security: The device is highly compact steering wheel can be moved, there is no safety risk
-Protection: The device is embedded soft silicone pad to protect your phone from scratches or scratched and so on.
-Wear resistance, high toughness made of environmentally friendly materials, can be used for a long time.
-The device does not affect the steering wheel cover is installed.