alat monitor tahap tekanan darah termasuk degupan nadi jantung



alat monitor tahap tekanan darah termasuk degupan nadi jantung



  • Technical parameters
  • Display: Large LCD screen
  • Measurement methods: Buck oscillometric measurements
  • Power source: 2 No. 7 (AAA) alkaline batteries (3V)
  • Measuring range: (20-280) mmHg/ (2.7-37) kPa (BP)(40-160) / min (pulse number)
  • Accuracy: 3mmHg/0.4kPa (BP) + 5% (pulse number)
  • Inflation: automatic inflation
  • The gas valve leakage device:
  • Quick release: electronic discouraged valve
  • The results show: high low voltage pulse
  • Unit conversion: the blood pressure value conversion unit (mmHg/Kpa boot default unit is mmHg)
  • Memory group number: 99 double sets of memory
  • Low power testing: LCD display “” symbolic cue low power
  • WHO tip: blood pressure warning prompts blood pressure health, see Table 2
  • An irregular heartbeat tip: LCD display “” flashing prompt an irregular heartbeat
  • The overpressure protection function: the pressure more than 295mmHg (20MS) automatic quick exhaust
  • Automatic shutdown function: no operation in 1 minutes automatic shutdown
  • Heart sound (beep when only)
  • After measuring the prompt sound
  • Current: dynamic current’500mA quiescent current 30mA shutdown current\’ 20uA’
  • Normal working conditions

A) Environment temperature: 5 ~40

B) Relative humidity: ≤ 85%;

C) Atmospheric pressure: 85 kPa ~ 105 kPa;

  • How to use:

1. Put elbow joint on the table;

2.The wrist band should be kept at the same height as the heart;

3.Palm up, relax the body,blood pressure monitors are up, and connect the wrist band with left hand form 5-10mm;

4.Seize the end of wrist, and pulling in the same time, tied to the wrist, don’t leave bland gap between wrist band and wrist.

If the wrist band is too long, it can be properly fixed.

1. Please measure blood pressure every day at the same time, on the same arm and the same posture.
2. Keep quiet and relax the body during measure.
3. This product will save measure of blood pressure value and pulse value, can look into at most 99 sets of memories result



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