alat monitor suhu badan bayi baby thermometer bacaan digital



alat monitor suhu badan bayi baby thermometer bacaan digital





1. Silicon gel made armband, comfortable to wear.

2. 20000 hours standby time.

3. 100 hours battery working time.

4. Support smart phones, bluetooth remote monitoring, check your baby anytime and any where.

5. History records to help doctors.

Product Features:

Automatic warnings will be made when temperature is abnormal,parents can take measures to lower temperature without delay.(This is connected with app,alarm will be given once temperature is higher than values pre-set)

Temperature is under constant monitoring and will be recorded 24 hours on-end,thus temperature fluctuation curve will be formed,which can help the doctor to know more about the unwell baby.(Activate thermometer,put it under baby’s armpit,then it will monitor baby’s temperature automatically and constantly)

Baby’s medical database will be established,in which baby’s details of each case will be recorded.(Every detail can be recorded accurately,and parents can edit details on medicine and treatment the baby gets.)

We have got certificates,like CE,RoHS,FCC etc.(Bluetooth 4.0,radiation is less than 1/2000 of cellphones.The cover is FDA-approved materials,poisonless and unharmful.This can Protect baby’s gum.Biting test has been passed)

Testing result is accurate,which is as good as that of mercury thermometer.(Professional medical design,double temperature sensor,and advanced hi-tech from USA, which can help take readings in a minute

Note:Phone APP

A:For iphone 4S above

B:For Android Phone

1)Android 4.3 system and above

2)built-in bluetooth 4.0 module

Package include:

1 set thermometer with box


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