alat mesin rambut berputar berpusing automatik perempuan wanita fesyen kerinting sikat



alat mesin rambut berputar automatik perempuan wanita fesyen kerinting sikat




Discover our tips and the secrets of professional hairstylists-create your very own styles to share with other people.It is completely new hairstyling tool that allows you to create fashionable braids quickly and easily.Just follow 3 steps to create trendy braids which can be held in place later on with jewellery or bands.

How to use:
Simple but high-impact, it occurs in the neck and “wraps”the head like a crown.
To achieve that you need to follow the following steps:

1.Take two strands on the same side of the head
2. Place the strands in hooks Twist Secret
3. Place SecretTwist the ends of strands
4. Lift the button to wrap the strands on themselves
5. Turn the device through 180 °
6. Take a section and insert it between the two strands intertwined
7. Repeat several times to create a sort of
crown around the head
8. Finally, turn down the button Twist Secret to
wrap the strands to each other
9. Complete the braid with an elastic band
10. Secure with a clothespin