alat masak waffle elektrik rumah dapur



alat masak waffle elektrik rumah dapur



At breakfast, tea time or anytime of the day, nothing is better than having freshly made waffles to enjoy. The SO Wker is your ultimate portable cooking tool. It enables you to prepare a quick and enticingly fresh breakfast in just minutes


Quick and Easy

This was able to whip out 5 heart-shaped slices at once. Be it a family brunch or for a birthday party, this handy waffle maker will not disappoint. Just pour the batter in, wait 5 minutes and voila! Waffles in a snap!


Light and Tone Indicator

Lifting the waffle maker up during the cooking time can more often than not damage the waffles. They break up and tear or lose its crisp texture. With the  Wer, you need’t worry about nany of these problems occurring. A key feature of the sandwich maker is its light and tone indicator that tell you when your waffles are done. It’s so easy and convenient!


on-stick surfaceThe non-stick coating plate allows you to make perfect waffles with convenience; there is no need to worry if your w is going to adheren to the surface of the maker. Clean-up will also be a breeze! The cool-touch housing ensures your safety, the maker’s exterior remains cool even during use. This makes the product safe and usable for anyoneat any time! Wait no longer, get this amazing product today!