alat laser hijau cahaya paling terang kuat




alat laser hijau cahaya paling terang kuat


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  • Body color: black
  • Body material: Aerometal
  • Switch: momentary switch
  • Focus mode: adjustable focus
  • Wave length:532nm
  • Output power: < 1mw
  • Expected lifetime: > 8000 hours
  • Working time: > 1 hour
  • Battery: 1×18650 Li-ion Battery 
  • Laser range: 1000-8000 meters
  • Max brightness: > 350lm

Specification of BATTERY CHARGER:

  • Portable design
  • High quality and good performance
  • Perfect fitting
  • Input Voltage AC 100V – 240V 47-63Hz
  • Output Voltage DC 3.6V 450mA
  • Battery Type 1 x 18650 rechargeable battery
  • Dimensions: 98 x 40 x 30 mm(L x W x H)
  • Weight: 38 g (Charge)
  • Color: Black

Specification of BATTERY:





  • 1.New battery








  • 2.High quality and durable








  • 3.Provides excellent continuous power sources to your device








  • 4.High energy density, long life battery








  • 5.This battery has an extra long life for all your battery powered devices








  • 6.Fit for camera, toys, electronic toys and other electronic devices








  • 2.Voltage: 3.7V  3000mAh




1.Please don’t keep open for a long time, otherwise easy to damage the light bulb




1. Friendly reminder:The laser is high power .So it runs out of battery quickly.And please don’t keep the laser on continuously for more than 20 seconds or it will get burnt from inside easily.
2. The use of the laser beam is absolutely does not allow the irradiation of the eye in front of humans and animals!
3. Remove the batteries when not in use, put the child is not easy to get a place!
4. If you find that the brightness of the laser beam is seriously reduced Please note that to charge the battery or replace battery.


Note : After putting the correct battery, please use the key to unlock the laser firstly and then press the button. If the laser fails to work, please flip the battery to try again. Sometimes, it will work if you flip the battery ( put the battery oppositely )