alat halau pengusir tikus serangga nyamuk ultrasonik


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alat halau pengusir tikus serangga nyamuk ultrasonik


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and Side Outlet drives away rodents and roaches out of your home without toxic pesticides or expensive treatments. Simply plug the Guad unit into a wall outlet and Electromagnetic Sonic Technology penetrates through walls to protect one average size floor (One unit takes care of a normal sized home, approximately 2000 square feet. Use two units if the house is more than one story). Extra outlet on the side allows you to use without losing plug space. Includes night light too! Safe for children !#!amp!*! household pets Theuad actually changes the normal field around your wiring, creating an environment that aids in the control of pests. Tad Repelling Aid is safe for most household pets, except for hamsters, gerbils and other rodent pets. There are no irritating pesticides or fumes. Simply plug this electronic unit into a standard electrical outlet and watch it help drive out pesky pests from your home, in as little as two – three weeks! Designed to work through electrical wiring 230v oulet only.

  • Electromagnetic sonic technology
  • Turn Your Home Into A Pest Repellent Force Field
  • Electromagnetic, sonic repellent, night light, and side outlet
  • Non Toxic, No Chemicals, No Poison
  • For Rodents, Roaches, Ants, Spiders and Other Bugs